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Rawhides on a rack

Displays and Plan-O-Grams

Other displays available! We have clip strip programs,
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Premium quality rawhide • Bones, rolls, donuts and more

• Value packs available • Bulk, shrink wrap and packaged programs

Product ReviewDescriptionItemUPCCase
 Donuts (Bag & Header)
Cheese Donut996710-72929-99671-96/48
Chew Donut089400-72929-08940-46/144
Chicken Donut996740-72929-99674-06/48
Hickory Donut996730-72929-99673-36/48
 Donuts (Shrink Wrapped)
Cheese Donut998710-72929-99871-36/144
Chicken Donut998740-72929-99874-46/144
Hickory Donut998730-72929-99873-76/144
 Munchy Treats
Munchy Assortment 20 oz947510-72929-00313-46/36
Munchy Sticks 3-Pack032240-72929-03224-06/144
Munchy Sticks 50-Pack046500-72929-00307-36/36
Munchy Strips 10-Pack047220-72929-04722-06/144
Munchy Strips 20-Pack047240-83929-00657-56/72
Munchy Strips 50-Pack048500-72929-00304-26/36
Munchy Twists 10-Pack047210-72929-04721-36/144
Munchy Twists 50-Pack044500-72929-00311-06/36
Munchy Twists 5-Pack047200-72929-04720-66/72
 Natural Chews (Bag & Header)
Cow Hooves 3-Pack995630-72929-99563-712/12
Cow Hooves 8-Pack995640-83929-00669-812/12
Pig Ears 2-Pack995040-72929-99504-012/12
Pig Ears 4-Pack995440-72929-00227-412/12
Pig Ears 8-Pack995840-72929-99584-212/12
Smoked Steer Ears 2-Pack995150-72929-99515-612/12
Steer Ears 2-Pack995050-72929-99505-712/12
 Natural Chews (Bulk)
Cow Hooves995600-72929-99560-6100/100
Femur - Large993250-72929-99325-112/12
Femur - Small993200-72929-99320-612/12
Pig Ears991200-72929-99120-250/50
Steer Ears991100-72929-99110-350/50
 Rawhide Bones (Bag & Header)
Beef Flavored Bone - Medium996850-83929-00685-86/72
Cheese Bone - Medium996810-72929-99681-86/72
Cheese Bone - Small996610-72929-99661-06/144
Chicken Bone - Large996940-72929-99694-86/48
Chicken Bone - Medium996840-72929-99684-96/72
Chicken Bone - Small996640-72929-99664-16/144
Hickory Bone - Large996930-72929-99693-16/48
Hickory Bone - Medium996830-72929-99683-26/72
Hickory Bone - Small996630-72929-99663-46/144
Natural Bone - 13"047130-72929-04713-86/72
Natural Bone - 4 1/2"047040-72929-04704-66/144
Natural Bone - 7 1/2"047090-72929-04709-16/72
Peanut Butter Bone - Large996970-83929-00687-26/48
Peanut Butter Bone - Medium996870-83929-00686-56/72
Roasted Bone - Large047560-72929-04756-56/72
Roasted Bone - Medium047530-72929-04753-46/72
Smoked Bone - Large988770-72929-98877-66/48
Smoked Bone - Large989770-72929-98977-36/48
Smoked Bone - Medium988710-72929-98871-46/72
Smoked Bone - Small988680-72929-98868-46/144
White Bone - Extra Large047780-83929-00658-26/48
White Bone - Large047770-72929-04777-06/48
White Bone - Medium047710-72929-04771-86/72
White Bone - Small047680-72929-04768-86/144
 Rawhide Bones (Shrink Wrapped)
Basted Bone - Large797770-72929-79777-46/48
Basted Bone - Medium797710-72929-79771-26/72
Basted Bone - Small797680-72929-79768-26/144
Smoked Bone - Medium989710-72929-98971-16/72
Smoked Bone - Small989680-72929-98968-16/144
White Bone - Large777770-72929-77777-66/48
White Bone - Medium777710-72929-77771-46/72
White Bone - Small777680-72929-77768-46/144
 Rawhide Chips Bagged
Asstd Chips 1 Lb. Bag995010-72929-99501-96/6
Asstd Flavored Chips 1 Lb. Bag996500-72929-99650-46/6
Beef Flavored Chips 1 Lb. Bag996530-83929-00684-16/6
Chicken Chips - 1 Lb. Bag996520-83929-00683-46/6
Peanut Butter Chips 1 Lb. Bag996510-83929-00682-76/6
 Rawhide Multi Packs
2-Pack Chicken 2"-4" Bones996680-83929-00705-36/48
4-Pack White 3"-4" Bones982510-83929-00659-96/48
4-Pack White 7"-8" Bones993050-83929-00680-36/12
Asstd Bag O Bones 5-Pack032280-72929-03228-86/72
Asstd Flavor Bones 4-Pack982500-72929-98250-76/12
Asstd Raw hide Grab Bag 1 Lb.947500-72929-94750-69/9
Asstd Small Flav Donuts 12-Pack998750-72929-00219-96/12
Asstd Small Flav Donuts 4-Pack996700-72929-99670-26/12
Chew Sticks 25-Pack058260-72929-05826-46/144
Flavored Rolls 6-Pack982550-72929-98255-26/12
Large Asstd Bones 12-Pack99676W0-72929-00405-66/6
Large Asstd Bones 4-Pack993040-72929-99304-66/12
Large Basted Bones 4-Pack993140-72929-99314-56/12
Medium Asstd Bones 12-Pack99677W0-72929-00241-01/6
Medium Asstd Bones 6-Pack993060-72929-99306-06/12
Medium Asstd Flavor Bones 4-Pac996800-72929-99680-16/12
Medium Basted Bones 6-Pack993160-72929-99316-96/12
Mini Mint Rawhide Bones 5-pack998950-83929-00543-16/72
Rawhide Assortment 24-Piece99680W0-72929-00441-41/1
Small Asstd Bones 12-Pack99678W0-72929-00240-31/12
Small Asstd Bones 4-Pack993100-72929-99310-76/72
Small Asstd Flavor Bones 4-Pack996600-72929-99660-36/48
Small Beef Bones 2-Pack982520-83929-00679-76/48
Small Chicken Bone 2-Pack996670-83929-00664-36/48
Small White Bones 2-Pack992510-83929-00678-06/48
 Rawhide Rolls
10" Beef Flavored Roll995100-83929-00662-96/48
10" Chicken Flavored Roll995110-83929-00663-66/48
10" Peanut Butter Roll995090-83929-00661-26/48
10" Shrink Wrapped Roll995070-72929-99507-16/48
10" White Rolls 2-Pack995060-72929-99506-46/48
4-Pack Flavored Rolls982560-83929-98255-56/12
5" Shrink Wrapped Roll993400-72929-99340-46/144
5" White Rolls 2-Pack993420-72929-99342-86/144