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Shampoos, Grooming Tools & Nail Care

 Cat Litter Care
Covered Litter Pan1 ea004040-72929-00404-56/6
Giant Cat Pan Linersbox 8004130-72929-00066-912/12
Giant Open Litter Pan1 ea004030-72929-00403-812/12
Hooded Litter Pan1 ea004060-72929-00406-96/6
Large Cat Pan Linersbox 12004120-72929-00065-212/12
Large Open Litter Pan1 ea004020-72929-00402-112/12
Plastic Litter Scoop1 ea049870-72929-04987-312/144
 Designer Grooming Tools
De-Matting Tool Replacement Blades1 ea050680-83929-00766-46/144
Designer Combo Brush MediumMedium064070-83929-00715-26/72
Designer De-Matting Tool1 ea050670-83929-00766-46/72
Designer Dog Rake MediumMedium068560-72929-00463-66/72
Designer Flea Comb1 ea050650-83929-00712-16/144
Designer Pet Comb1 ea050660-83929-00718-36/72
Designer Shedding BladeMedium068570-83929-00691-96/72
Designer Slicker Brush LargeLarge068510-83929-00716-96/72
Designer Slicker Brush SmallSmall068590-83929-00719-06/72
 Flea & Tick Control Products
120 Day Cat Flea Collar1 ea084500-72929-08450-812/72
120 Day Dog Flea Collar1 ea084000-72929-08400-312/72
 Grooming Brushes & Combs
Cat Brush1 ea085500-72929-08550-56/72
Glossing Brush 2" x 4-1/2"Small068600-83929-00692-66/72
Glossing Brush 2-3/4" x 4-3/4"Large068610-83929-00693-36/72
Large Combo Brush1 ea064080-72929-06408-16/72
Large Slicker Brush1 ea068500-72929-06850-86/72
Medium Slicker Brush1 ea068550-72929-06855-36/144
Mink Brush1 ea076800-72929-07680-06/72
Retractable Grooming BrushMedium068580-83929-00717-66/72
Small Combo Brush1 ea005500-72929-00550-36/72
Steel Deluxe Comb1 ea050640-72929-05064-06/144
 Grooming Shampoos
Anti-Bacterial Shampoo10 ozA4131010990-83929-41310-66/6
Cat Shampoo10 oz410100-83929-41010-56/6
Conditioning Shampoo10 oz401100-83929-40110-36/6
Dry Bath Spray8 ozA4091108990-83929-40911-612/12
Dry Skin Shampoo12 oz402080-83929-40208-76/6
Fresh Citrus Shampoo10 oz405100-83929-40510-16/6
Oatmeal Shampoo10 oz411100-83929-41110-26/6
Protein Shampoo12 ozA4121010990-83929-41210-96/6
Tea Tree Shampoo12 oz407100-83929-40710-56/6
Tearless Shampoo12 oz404100-83929-40410-46/6
Whitening Shampoo10 oz403100-83929-40310-76/6
 Pet Nail Care Products
Cat Nail Trimmer1 ea082200-72929-08220-76/144
Designer Pet Nail ClipperLarge082150-83929-00793-06/72
Economy Nail Trimmer1 ea066600-72929-06660-36/144
Large Nail Trimmer1 ea082100-72929-08210-86/72
Small Nail Trimmer1 ea082000-72929-08200-96/144
 Puppy Training Pads
14-Pack Puppy Pads14 ea087140-72929-08714-14/4
30-Pack Puppy Pads30 ea087300-72929-00584-84/4