Pet Feeders and Dishes
Complete selection of sizes and features.


Product ReviewDescriptionItemUPCCase
 Fiesta Series Designer Feeders
 Fiesta Single Feeders
1 Pt. Single Dish586090-72929-00538-112/12
1 Qt. Single Dish586100-72929-00539-812/12
2 Qt. Single Dish586200-72929-00540-48/8
 Non-Tip Dishes
 Non-Skid, Non-Tip Stainless Dishes - feature a removable rubber ring around an extra-wide base to increase stability.
Non-Skid/Tip Dish 16 Oz.576160-72929-57616-46/24
Non-Skid/Tip Dish 24 Oz.576240-72929-57624-96/24
Non-Skid/Tip Dish 32 Oz576320-83929-00706-06/24
Non-Skid/Tip Dish 64 Oz.576640-72929-57664-56/24
Non-Skid/Tip Dish 96 Oz.576960-72929-57696-66/24
Dog Auto Waterer008010-83929-00707-76/48
Food Scoop00631072929-00631-512/144
 Plastic Feeders
 Rugged Plastic Double Diners
Large Double Diner00213H0-72929-00556-56/48
Medium Double Diner00212H0-72929-00553-46/48
Small Double Diner00211H0-72929-00552-76/48
 Rugged Plastic Single Feeders
Jumbo Dish00205H0-72929-00551-06/48
Large Dish00203H0-72929-00549-76/48
Medium Dish00202H0-72929-00555-86/48
Small Puppy Dish00201H0-72929-00554-16/48
 Standard Stainless Steel Feeders
 Double Stainless Steel Diners
Large Double Dish 3 Qt.566600-72929-56660-86/24
Medium Double Dish 2 Qt.566500-72929-56650-96/24
Small Double Dish 1 Qt.566400-72929-56640-06/48
 Single Stainless Steel Dishes
Extra Small Single Dish 1 Pt.566090-72929-00332-56/48
Large Single Dish 3 Qt.566300-72929-56630-16/48
Medium Single Dish 2 Qt.566200-72929-56620-26/48
Small Single Dish 1 Qt.566100-72929-56610-36/48